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Ranging from partial to complete, Stew Jones Restorations are the best in North America. We have developed many specialized tools, equipment and techniques to restore the V12 E-Type. Also included with our restorations are four decades of knowledge of the original V12 E-Type and its production variations.


We have found a great deal of interest in upgrading the V12 E-Type for increased reliability and performance. We have available 5 and 6 speed transmission conversions with engine capacities of 5.3L , 6.1L, 6.8L and 7.3L. Many versions of carburation, electronic fuel injection and ignition upgrades have also been used. Stainless steel exhaust upgrades from better than stock to large headers with a four pipe outlet or side pipes. Handling maybe improved with upgraded sway bars, torsion bars, steering racks, brakes and wheels and tires ranging from 205/70/15 to 285/30/18 with rim widths up to 10”. Body modifications include covered headlights and many variations of bumpers, bumper removal and lights.